Folding chairs -- I knew them as "bridge " chairs that went around a square bridge table. Not the all-fabric ones into which you fall, and then have trouble getting out.
I m looking for old dolls to use for Halloween. Broken or dirty is great. Thank you
I would love moving boxes of any size in good condition! Need to declutter 26 years of stuff...
Hope all is well...My sister is in dire need of a washing machine to wash her childs clothing...If anyone possible know of one it would be greatly appreciated!
Hi guys! I'm in search for any gently used baby items. Whatever you have to spare. Please let me know if you have anything you could help with!
Looking for a working electric knife so I can cut some heavy foam.
wanted: a BIRD BATH Moved to a new rental house & have lots of birds ~ just need a bird bath for them to play in :)
Need assorted magazines to use to make vision boards. Makin approx. 15 boards so any all lifestyle magazines are appreciated. Will gladly pickup
Just a regular table.. do not care of condition just cant be broken
I am looking for small to medium maternity clothes in good condition. Thanks!
I recently found out I can actually paint a decent painting. I need painting pallet knives, paints, canvases, easels, paint brushes. thanks
Doc says no more elliptical for me, but a stationary bike is fine. Hoping someone has one lying around that they could give to a person in need. Thanks so much!
wanted: a BIRD BATH Got a new rental house & lots of birds ~ just need a bird bath for them to play in :)
I'm looking for a used canoe, without leaks preferably. I want to get my family out on the lake and looking to start small. I can pick up. Thanks in advance!
Looking to borrow or acquire the two piece shell with velcro straps walking cast. I just got rid of mine 6 weeks ago after not using it for 3 1/2 years and now I need one again.
Looking for any working machine. Doing a large project
Hi! I am looking for maternity clothes and baby clothes in like new or good used condition. Anything would be appreciated. Casual and work attire desired.
I am teaching a basic blacksmith course and I need a forced air supply. I will pick up.
I am looking for a pet stroller that you might have and no longer want. I have a cockatoo that I would love to be able to take out on a stroll with me sometimes. Thank you in advance.
Looking for a metal 55 gallon barrel to use as a burn barrel.
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